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The Importance of great facilities in your workplace

As an employer you must protect the safety and health of everyone in your workplace. This includes people with disabilities. You must provide welfare facilities for your employees. The duty of care that you have towards your employees includes the legal right to meet minimum standards for facilities in the workplace. For your employees’ well-being …

Expensive e-cars cheaper in long run

Electric cars are cheaper to run than petrol and diesel models, even after higher purchase prices have been factored in, according to research. Lower levels of tax, purchase subsidies and the absence of petrol or diesel fuel costs meant that electric cars were more cost-effective over four years, the International Council on Clean Transportation said. …

Are you doing enough to support the mental health of your staff?

Employees are becoming more aware of the impact their working lives have on their wellbeing. An increased understanding of the harm poor mental health can cause employees is motivating more businesses to place this issue on their workplace agendas. A poor culture at work can have a significant effect on employee’s mental health. Conducting regular …

The evolution of ACF Teambuilding & Events Ltd

From farm to family fun days Where to start!! The Bristol based events company ACF Teambuilding & Events has had many strings to its bow with a mixture of success and tragedy changing the business over the decades. Today, it is renowned for putting on fantastic corporate events all over the UK and it all …

8 Signs an Employee is Exceptional (Which never appear on Performance Evaluations)

We can all spot a great employee: He/she’s dependable, proactive, hardworking, a great leader, and a great follower. He/she brings a wide variety of easily defined – but hard to find – skills to the table. Some employees, though, are exceptional. They have skills and qualities that aren’t evaluated on performance appraisals but make a …

Britain’s most successful companies have women in senior roles

Britain’s most successful companies tend to have a large proportion of women in senior management roles but the UK lags behind the US and Australia on diversity at the top, new research suggests. Between 2011 and 2015, the most gender diverse quarter of companies were 20pc more likely than the least diverse to have above …