A day in the life of Michelle Michael MBE Director of The Grand Pier

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As a director of a company you are there to set an example to lead and inspire your team, how do you go about your daily routine?

The secretary spoke to Michelle Michael about her working day

Q. What time do you normally wake up?
A. Usually between 6.30 and 7am

Q. What time does your working day start?
A. Any time from 8am I don’t really have any set hours just depends on what needs to be done on the day . No two of my days are the same!

Q. What is the first thing you do at the start of your working day?
A. Check emails before I get ready as I need to prepare for the day in case anything has come in overnight. Also the night before I will check my diary for the day so I can mentally plan for it.

Q. How do you prioritise your days’ work?
A. Because I deal with a number of businesses, I tend to prioritise work on a day by day basis as there are always things that crop up each day that I haven’t planned for. In addition, I think of things during the day which may delay my own list getting done. Thankfully I haven’t missed a deadline yet!

Q. What do you do to motivate your team every day?
A. I think it’s really important to be happy at work. I always smile when I pass a team member and speak to them if they want to stop for a chat. It’s important to recognise the workloads of your teams and be empathetic. I encourage all of the teams to do some challenges so we can upload to social media that tends to make people laugh. The last one we did was Baby Shark and prior to that we did a pancake race down the length of the Pier.

Q. What time does your working day normally finish?
A. Anytime from 5 to 8pm depending on whether I have late meetings.

Q. What is your favourite piece of working technology that you use for work?
A. My ipad

Q. What is the best piece of advice someone has given you to help with work?
A. I was told some years ago by someone that I admired to make sure that I did something that I loved because I would spend most of my day working and if I loved doing my work, success would be its natural by-product.

Q. Where is your favourite restaurant?
A. It’s tiny place in the South of France on a beach called Anjuna Bay
Q. What is your favourite football team?
A. I don’t have one

Q. How do you switch off?
A. With family and friends

Q. Where is your favourite holiday destination?
A. Greek Islands

Q. What do you most enjoy about working at The Grand Pier?
A. The fact that no two days are the same and of course the unbelievable views!

Q. Do you get involved in any charity work?
Tell our readers about how you help others ?

A. I have been a trustee at Weston Hospicecare for 10 years and cannot see myself leaving anytime soon. The organisation is acutely needed, provides a free services, and if crucial to those requiring end of life care.

Anyone who visits or is touched by the Hospice will get this charity. I cannot praise it highly enough. I am also a trustee for the Priory Learning Trust – I joined around 18 months ago and love the way that the Trust is growing and contributing to the outcomes of our successors. Their approach to learning is commendable and the teams across all schools are impressive. It’s been a pleasure to join them. I am also a trustee for our own charitable trust which provides assistance to local worthy causes usually where funds can make a difference to someone’s life.
I sit on the local BID Board and am an Executive Director of Visit Somerset. I have just stepped down from a role on the management committee of a national tourist association after having been on the Board for 8 years.