Case study: Meet Ravi, Rombourne’s Bristol Sales Manager!

Written by admin August 20, 2019 0 comment

At Rombourne, we pride ourselves on providing great looking serviced offices in prime locations across the UK. We’re also proud of our centres’ high-quality facilities, our flexible rental agreements, and the unbeatable level of client support our team provides.

As a business, we believe it’s our team that makes us special, and they’re the ones that deliver a great service to both our new and existing clients. Just one of the people who helps to make this possible is Ravi Kaur, our Sales Manager for Bristol. Ravi has worked for Rombourne for 5 years, and it’s her responsibility to support new and existing customers in our Bristol serviced offices.

Below, Ravi tells us more about her role and responsibilities, her advice for businesses choosing a new office space.

What’s a typical day at Rombourne like for you Ravi?The most important part of my day is that first coffee of the morning! Besides from this, I check my emails, catch up with clients, and create new business opportunities. Typically, this will result in a call with a potential client. This will enable me to start building a relationship and determine their specific requirements.

What’s your favourite thing about working as a Sales Manager at Rombourne?

One of my favourite parts of my role is the opportunity to travel from building to building as this means I get to interact with the clients in different locations. Each day at Rombourne is different, which I love.
What are the main advantages of renting a serviced office?

One particularly great advantage is that if you rent a fully serviced office, everything can be taken care of for you. It can be as easy as plugging in your laptop or computer, and your business is ready to go. Rombourne will provide you with everything your business needs, from a great internet connection, to a friendly receptionist answering calls to your business in your company name.
What advice would you give businesses when choosing a new office space?

I completely appreciate that budgets are very important when making a decision on your office space. Nonetheless, what’s equally as important is the environment of where you’ll be working. After all, this is where you’ll be spending a large majority of your time!