Facebook and Twitter tips

Written by admin December 17, 2018 0 comment

Nowadays Social Media plays an important role in our life, we are using it to keep in touch with our friends and make some new friends. Besides that we want to show the world what we are doing by means of posting pictures or videos. These tools are all very useful when we talk about business too.

We can only scratch the surface of what can actually be done with social media in so short a space, but here are two are the most popular ways to stay connected.

Since its inception in February 2004, Facebook has grown significantly, and it now has more than 60 million active users. Facebook’s success can be attributed to its ability to appeal to both people and businesses and its ability to interact with sites around
the web by providing a single login that works across multiple sites.

Facebook is user-friendly and open to everyone. Even the least technical minded people can sign up and begin posting on Facebook. Although it started out as a way to keep in touch or reconnect with long-lost friends, it rapidly became the darling of businesses that were able to closely target an audience and deliver ads directly to the people most likely to want their products or services.

Facebook makes it simple to share photos, text messages, videos, status posts and feelings on Facebook. The site is entertaining and a regular daily stop for many users. A business page on Facebook gives you a way to communicate directly with your target audience. Think of it as an ongoing focus group. Your fans are there because they are aware of your company and want to learn more. While they certainly are expecting to receive useful information from your Facebook page, you also can be collecting useful information from them through their participation.

Facebook pages are excellent places to gather your customers, prospects, and fans to provide reviews, share opinions, voice concerns and offer feedback.

With the speed of social media and new weight being added to information shared through social channels, having a Facebook page filled with rich content relevant to your business can help you boost your search engine rankings.

When the inventors of Twitter first came up with the idea, they envisaged a series of announcements – punchy 140-character comments on what members were doing at the time. This element of it is still there, but there’s a lot more to it now.

To join Twitter is simple. You go to the Twitter website, enter a user name and password and some other details, select a picture to illustrate your ’tweets’ and start entering text into a box and hitting “send”. That’s the most basic form of it.

Use Twitter to educate, inform and entertain existing and potential customers and you’ll reap the benefits. It’s great for instant feedback, for keeping in touch with the other major players in your market and for building relationships with clients, customers
or suppliers.

You’ll need to be active at least a few times a day, and if you have international followers, use an app such as Tweedeck to schedule tweets at times when they’ll be at work. Don’t fall into the trap of using Twitter as a high-pressure online sales tool. Use it for relationship building by sharing, curating and recommending interesting things you are sure will be helpful or entertaining for your followers.